Nowadays you don’t see girls on the beach in a swimsuit with a big poufy blouse and skirt double the size of her waist, with bloomers and shoes holding a little parasol. Just no. Now it’s all one pieces and bikinis. Swimwear can be long and complicated so how do you get the final swimsuit?

Before we get into the nitty gritty a quick reminder of some advice for finding a manufacturer: do you research, that is non-negotiable and walk in the factory with a tech pack and all the specifics about what you want.

So then, how do you manufacture swimwear?

So, presuming your swimwear line is being made in a factory, like most swimwear. Starting with spools of cotton and synthetic thread are attached to a knitting machine and can weave the threads into a roll of fabric. The rolls of fabric are then put into a large tank that gets fitted with agitators. Then someone at the factory adds pre-measured cups of bleach and coloured dyes in with the fabric that is in those tanks. The fabric gets cleaned and dyed whilst it is in the tank, and it is then thrown in the dryer before being rolled back up and popped into storage.

When someone needs to use that fabric, it’s placed on a table securely and accurately measured. Bolts get attached to one end of the table and then the fabric is attached to it before being pulled out over the table and getting wrapped around another bolt. A predetermined length is entered into a machine and then some electronic blades cut the fabric. The cut up fabric is stacked up and then cut up into the right sizes they need to make the swimwear; some factories will do it by hand, some by a machine. If it is a one piece then it is made out of two pieces, a bikini has two pieces for the bottom and four-six pieces for the top, cups can be cut out with more material if it is needed.

Each piece is then stitched together at their own individual stations. For bikinis, the bra cup is placed between the lining and bra panels from the front and then the three pieces are stitched together, with a side panel being stitched to the front panels. If you need straps, the elastic is placed between two bra strap pieces and it is all stitched together before being sewn into the front and side panels. The briefs are like stitching men’s trunks, lining is stitched to front and side panels before adding elastic into the waistband and leg holes. You then fold over the outer material so it makes a facing that you can stitch to the garment.

Before you know it, you have a swimsuit!!

Different factories will have different ways of doing things, sometimes it is based on the size of the factory, or where it is, is it overseas or domestic? This is a brief outline of how swimwear is made, and hopefully this cam help you decide how you do things.

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