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At Swimwear Manufacturers, we use the best quality fabrics only. Our fabrics are resistant to sand, so no more grains stuck in your swimwear! It is also twice as reistant to oils and suntan creams compared to the standard fabrics out there used in swimwear. The fabrics do not fade in colour over time, they remain bright and vibrant, wash after wash even when exposed to chlorine water or sea water. They also be washed by hand or with a washing machine and not get damaged. All of our fabrics are from recycled yarns, we only use fabrics that are ocean waste or recycled plastic bottles. Our sustainable fabrics are resistant to pilling and abrasions, with great shape recovery so they will also return to the same size after using it.



ocean waste fabric
ocean waste


Every year there are over 8 million tons of waste which ends up in our oceans. Roughly 640,000 tons of fishing nets are left in our oceans, abandoned. This is a scary amount of nets in our waters, which causes so much harm to sea life.

Using our regenerated yarn fabrics in your swimwear helps reduce the amount of waste in our oceans.

Our fabrics are made in Italy, we work with an amazing fabric manufacturer that makes our fabrics in an amazing wide range of colours.


These are some of the key things our fabric manufacturer does to help our environment when making our fabrics:


  • Our fabric manufacturer has saved 3,800,000 kwh in 2021, which equals to over 5500 people's annual energy consumption per capita.

  • Over 650,000 m3 of water has been reused in a year which equals to roughly 9,000 peoples annual consumption.

  • 99% of the waste our fabric manufacturers creates is recycled or re-used which equals contents of 160 garbage trucks avoiding landfill.

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