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As Swimwear Manufacturers, based in London, we have established ourselves as a leading swimwear brand with a global reach. Our products and services are not only limited to the UK, but we have been successfully catering to a diverse customer base from all over the world. Our strong logistics capabilities have enabled us to deliver our high-quality swimwear products and services to customers located in different parts of the world with ease. With our efficient supply chain management, we ensure that all orders are delivered on time and in perfect condition, no matter where the customer is located. This has helped us to build a strong reputation for reliability and excellent customer service, which has enabled us to continue expanding our customer base globally. We are committed to providing our customers with the best quality products and services, and our ability to produce in London while delivering globally is a testament to our expertise in logistics and our dedication to meeting our customers' needs while manufacturing ethically and sustainably.



At Swimwear Manufacturers we develop all of your styles in house. Our team can work from sketches, tech packs, existing samples and reference images etc.

We develop each style from scratch manually. First patterns are made using our recycled paper. Once the first patterns has been tested pattern amendments are required. Our team will then use the fit comments made from the garment fit session to amend the patterns accordingly. Occassionaly we will amend more complicated styles digitally using our pattern cutting programme.



Once first patterns are developed, we move on to the next step, toiling. A toile is a fit garment with a purpose of allowing us all to see how the first pattern fits. Its the first opportunity to see each style in 3D form. Normally toiles are made in a cheap fabric for toiling purposes. However at Swimwear Manufacturers we use the final fabrics at the toiling stage. This is the only way you can see how each style fits in the fabric used in production because all fabrics stretch and fit differently. So its necessary to only use the actual fabric that will be used in production. 



We only source our premium quality fabrics from Italy. We have partnered with an amazing fabric manufacturer that produces all of our fabrics using high quality luxe yarns.

They use ECONYL and RPET yarns to make the fabrics. There are multiple different finishes of fabrics we can provide such as matte, shiny, textured and ribbed. Our trims such as clasps and metal rings or sliders are sourced from Portugal and France, again our suppliers use high quality materials and manufacture exceptional grade hardware and trims for us to use in the swimwear we make. 



Once the fit has been tested via a toile and perfected, this will lead to samples being made of each style. At the sampling stage, is where our clients can see each of their styles as a finished collection before moving to the grading stage. Its also a stage where the samples can be tired on different fit models with different body types. Samples allow our clients to test each style in its finished and final form. The finished samples can then be used for photoshoots and creating marketing content for your brand before production begins. 



Once toiles are made, we can organise a garment fit session with our clients. This is a good opportunity for us to go over each toile with our clients. We will identify what fit amendments are required for each style and take a note of this. Doing garment fit sessions with us will make the process much more quicker versus doing a fit session on your own because not all clients know how to measure the changes required. 



We have invested in a  digital system where we grade the patterns, efficiently and at a quicker pace than creating the graded patterns manually, allowing us to move to productions even quicker. We can grade to your own grade rules if you provide them or if you are not sure what grade rules are suitable for your target market, then we can use our own grade rules which we have perfected. We are able to grade for: petite, tall, womenswear, menswear, plus size, childrenswear etc. We provide graded patterns on to card so its ready for production.


We work with a great London based labelling manufacturer, who produces all of our labels for your swimwear. They create fully customised labels. We have various finishings avilable for all of our clients to pick from. Also, we can create custom hang tags and packaging for all clients as well. Creating custom labels, tags and packaging can take up to a month to make so its highly recommended that we organise labelling as early as we can so it doesnt delay production. Please ensure your logos are made as soon as you can. 



At production is where we layer and cut all of your styles in bulk. We produce your swimwear in-house in London. Production is one of the most exciting stages out of the whole process! The swimwear is made in a production line, this means no finished swimwear is seen until the end of the production line. The way we manufacture production swimwear is compeltly different to how a sample or toile is made. Production line sewing allows the swimwear to be made quicker than how a sample is produced.

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Q: What is grading?

A: Grading is the process of adjusting a pattern to different sizes, allowing for the production of swimwear in a range of sizes to accommodate various body types.

Q: What is pattern cutting, and why is it important in swimwear manufacturing?

A: Pattern cutting involves creating a template that will be used to cut the fabric pieces for a swimsuit. It is a crucial step in the production process as it ensures that each piece of fabric is cut accurately and efficiently, leading to a high-quality final product.


Q: How does labelling factor into swimwear manufacturing, and what kind of labelling services do manufacturers typically provide?

A: Labelling is essential for branding and marketing purposes, as it allows customers to easily identify and remember a particular swimwear brand. Swimwear manufacturers often provide labelling services, including creating custom labels and tags with a company logo or other information.

Q: Can you describe the swimwear production process from start to finish?

A: The swimwear production process typically involves several steps, including designing the swimsuit, creating a pattern, cutting the fabric pieces, sewing the pieces together, adding any necessary hardware or embellishments, and finishing the garment. Manufacturers may also provide services such as grading, labelling, and quality control to ensure that the final product meets the required standards.

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