Creating your own swimwear collection requires the correct fabric that is suitable for use in the water. Choosing the right fabric is really important, you have to consider the stretch of the fabric, its durability and feel of the fabric when picking what fabrics to use. Swimwear fabrics are more technical in manufacturing them, picking these fabrics is the best option.

Polyester is often a popular choice of fabric for swimwear and activewear because it has many benefits. Polyester has strong fibres therefore making it durable so it lasts a long time. As the fabric doesn’t absorb much water, its very quick drying. Another benefit of using polyester is that you can weave it to make it have 4 way stretch which is great for swimwear styles, making it comfortable for the consumer and helps with fitting on various body shapes. Polyester is chlorine resistant so the fabrics stay vibrant, use after use.

Nylon is another fabric option that is used for swimwear. Nylon is not as long lasting as polyester and it isn’t chlorine resistant however it is comfortable to wear and is very stretchy. Nylon washes well and has anti-pilling properties. Nylon is fairly cheap as well, and has been used again by regenerating the fabric to make it more sustainable.

Polyester PBT is a fabric that is made using various fabric that are weaved together to give it swimwear properties. The fabric is lightweight and is snag resistant. The fabric doesn’t have a sheen to it, its very matte in appearance.

Sourcing sustainable fabrics for swimwear can be difficult as its more harder to create fabric from natural materials because its more expensive to do so. However there are a lot of options of swimwear fabric that is recycled, made from plastic bottles. Or is recycled from used textile fabrics.

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