Designing swimwear sounds like fun, but it isn’t easy. So, we put a few tips together to help you out.

First off figuring out your audience and target audience strategy is key. You can never do enough research; it helps to prepare you for the future of your brand. It will teach you how to understand swimwear and how to create swimwear. You need to think about what the swimsuits are going to be made out of? What special qualities will it have? What do your audience like and what do they dislike? What is predicted to be in season? Any questions you have should be reflecting the needs of your target audience.

Before you go and invest a single penny make sure you understand what you will be investing into. The cost per piece on each garment can get very expensive very quickly, however this will depend on the design of the garment. You need to have a financial plan in place, just so you can understand where your money is going and what it is going on. You need to account for branding, designs and product goals, retailers, sizing, quantities, growth rates and so much more. If you have been in fashion for a while, you will have a general idea of how these things work, but if it is your first time then there is no harm in reaching out to experts in the industry to get some advice. As your business grows, your finances will change and need to be tweaked.

Also having a tech pack is crucial, without a tech pack you will seriously struggle, there’s no question about it. This little pack will be important because this will always be a major reference point for manufacturers. These documents usually have designs and sketches, product dimensions, types of fabrics and they will go into details about the fabrics, like the colour and weight or any embellishments. If you want to avoid any mistakes being made and prevent bad quality.

Once you have your tech pack, you need to know to what you are looking for and what you need to ask for. You’ll need to consider looking into manufacturers and if you want to have a domestic manufacturer or are you going overseas. Both will have their own pros and cons, depending on your business, and your own needs as a business owner, you need to make that decision.

However, everything needs to work together effectively over a time frame. The time frames for slow and fast fashion are very different, as are the effects of both of them. However, if you get an efficient time frame, you should have enough stock to last that you will sell with as little waste as possible.

Swimwear takes a lot of time and effort, but if you’re willing to commit then you will be fine

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