Though flights have been cancelled and borders closed, there is nothing to stop you from looking ahead to beach holidays and sunny skies. Covid-19 may have halted the trains running, but it can’t halt our passion for sunbathing, nor the power of sustainable brands. Though the market appears saturated and it seems like every influencer has their swim-line, there is a clear preference for sustainable clothing.


It is predicted that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish, consisting of tons upon tons of nylon, enough to make thousands of swimsuits. Eco-conscious brands are turning to the cleverly designed ECONYL, recycled and recyclable and even resistant to sun-cream and chlorine. Other companies are cutting down on single-use packaging, or using other recycled fabrics. Social issues are also finding themselves at the fore, with more diverse models, more ethical business practices and more eco-friendly business models.

Without further ado, here is our top 10:

10) Sézane

Starting at £35, this brand is based in Paris, France and building a steady following of ethically minded fans. The materials are sustainable, the company is charitable and the swimsuits are to die for. Low waste and low cost, with simple, flattering forms, Sézane is a one-stop shop for buying a wardrobe with a clear conscience.

9) Reformation

One of the most ethical things to come out of LA in, well, ever, Reformation is incredibly clear on why their sustainable manufacturing practices and strong sense of community are at the core of everything they do. A variety of fashionable styles mean you can look cool while getting hot under the sun, but their ethics ensure you won’t be hot under the collar. Prices start at £62.

8) Boden

Designed in the UK using ECONYL, this brand promises longevity with their swimsuits – a 365-day return policy sounds good! They design everything from one-pieces to hats, in flattering lines which suit all ages. Bonus – they believe in fair wages for all and protect their workers. Starting at £25, you won’t regret investing in one of these swimsuits.


7) Vitamin A

By Amahlia Stevens, this brand promises that sustainability is sexy, and delivers on that promise. Having developed EcoLux™, this brand is determined to reduce fashions footprint. During the sale, you can find items from £32 in simple shapes and prints which are bound to have you feeling confident and comfortable.

6) Alyned Together

Though sustainability is definitely at the centre of Alyned Together’s mission, upcycling much of their fabrics, they focus just as much on body-positivity, providing swimsuits from size XS to 3X. A mix of styles and shapes, modelled on a mix of different body types, means you will definitely know what that suit will look like on your body. From £29.

5) BOLD Swim

BOLD Swim took another route to sustainability, promising biodegradable swimsuits. The range of colours and styles allows every woman to be unapologetically herself or, in other words, BOLD. From £37, you can find styles that reflect the individuality of every beach body.

4) Amara Tulum

Amara Tulum uses ECONYL to benefit the environment and their profits to benefit the people of Mexico, where these pieces are created. On top of all the good they do for their communities, they do good for their customers too, with reversible swimsuits which are long-lasting, giving you twice as long to wear twice as many looks. More expensive than others on this list, you can find items from £65.

3) Crystal Flow

Sportier in style and designed in Munich, Crystal Flow is inspired by nature and adventure. Their swimwear is made from ECONYL with ethical European manufacturers. From bright colours to black, you will find that one girl’s trash is another’s trendy bikini. Starting at £44.

2) Florita Beachwear

Offering made-to-order options and a mix-and-match category, their simple lines are designed in the UK and produced under Fair Trade working conditions in Rio de Janeiro. Using Amni Soul Eco™, this swimwear will decompose after you’re finished with it, but these looks are so cool that you won’t want to say goodbye. From £35, you can even find reversible looks with Florita.

1) Lilliput and Felix

Cool patterns (did someone say houndstooth?) and a variety of styles isn’t the only reason this brand is a favourite; its commitment to social and environmental sustainability has granted them the Positive Luxury’s Butterfly Mark. Recycled fabrics and minimised carbon footprint in all parts of the supply chain will have your conscience as clear as the sea you’ll be splashing in.

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