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Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Summer is officially here, which means it's time to break out the swimwear! If you're looking for something eco-friendly and stylish, check out Biosculpt swimwear. This new line of swimsuits is made from biodegradable materials, so you can feel good about wearing them. Plus, the designs are cute and trendy. This summer, make a statement with Biosculpt swimwear! You won’t only help the environment, but also look great too! Keep reading for more info.


There are several beautiful and eco-friendly swimwear manufacturing brands that deal with swimwear made from recyclable material, Vitamin A, for example, which is made using regenerated nylon fibers and other similar recyclable materials.

The Ultimate Guide To Biosculpt Swimwear

If you’re looking for plastic-free synthetic swimwear that is all organic and natural, then you have landed the right place. There are a few bikini manufacturers making eco-friendly and sustainable swimwear. And in this article, we’re going to introduce you to the best eco-friendly swimwear brand making swimsuits out of Biosculpt fabric.

What is Biosculpt?

Biosculpt is a new type of sustainable fabric made from castor beans. Yep, you read that right – castor beans! From there, the yarn is knitted or woven into fabric. And finally, that fabric is used to make swimsuits (or anything else, for that matter). So basically, the material is completely plant-based and organic.

Not only is biosculpt eco-friendly, but it’s also soft and comfortable to wear. And it has some great benefits too, like being UV resistant and quick drying.

So, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly swimsuit option that’s made from sustainable materials, then biosculpt is worth considering.

What are the benefits of Biosculpt fabric?

There are a few reasons why Biosculpt is such an amazing material. First, it’s environmentally friendly since it’s made from waste materials. Secondly, it’s biodegradable, so it won’t end up in a landfill. And third, it’s good for your skin!

Castor beans are known to be high in antioxidants and they can help improve circulation. So, it doesn’t only look amazing on you, but you’ll also feel good too! Hence.

1. It's environmentally friendly.

2. It's biodegradable.

3. It's good for your skin.

4. It's soft and comfortable to wear.

5. It dries quickly.

6. It's UV resistant.

Biosculpt Swimwear Brands

Let’s now dive into the best swimsuit factory brands making swimwear out of this sustainable material.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A Swimwear is produced in the United States awarded with several sustainable certifications: certified recycled nylon and plant-based fabrics, several water conservation initiatives, membership with 1% For the Planet, and recyclable packaging. Their swimwear line is made of BioSculpt fabric, which is a plant-based material composed of castor bean and lycra. The suit comes in copper, navy blue, and black.

Vitamin A bikinis and bodysuits are produced locally in California by the brand, which creates them from environmentally friendly and plant-based materials. The team is happy to learn that the manufacturing teams maintain strict environmental standards and workplace ethics. It even collaborates with vertically integrated facilities where everything from dyeing to knitting takes place in one location, lowering the products' carbon footprint even more!

Furthermore, because they operate and produce in California, the most stringent environmental rules in the country, they are subject to the highest levels of scrutiny. This implies that while your new favorite ‘fit may be a bit more expensive than other brands owing to California's labor costs, it was made with good intentions.


Other Eco-Friendly Materials for Sustainable Swimwear

Recycled nylon and polyester are two alternative materials that may be used to make eco-friendly bikinis in swimwear factories. Traditional swimming apparel is composed of new nylon and polyester, which is a type of plastic. As a result, it needs energy and chemical inputs to produce, doesn't biodegrade naturally, and poses irreversible effects on the environment as well as the health of the wearer. So, what's an option? In essence, recycled nylon and polyester.

When it comes to swimwear, certain textiles work better than others, so manufacturers continue to prefer polyester and nylon. The good news is that several firms have started using recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets in their swimwear lines. This aids in the removal of trash from the sea and minimizes landfill usage. It also helps to lower overall resource use. However, swimwear is far from being truly eco-friendly. Those polyester fibers do not biodegrade but can degrade, allowing microplastics to flow into waterways and chemicals to seep from synthetic swimwear.

Vitamin A, which began in the swimwear industry and continues to create on-the-button bikinis and one-pieces of your dreams, has blossomed into an outstanding collection of environmentally responsible beach and resort apparel. We adore its linen "Playa Collection," which may transition you effortlessly from the beach to the poolside to your favorite coffee spot or date night!

This material makes you feel good while wearing because Vitamin A, which is devoted to research and innovation, spends years developing bespoke luxury textiles that are smooth against your skin and designed to last many swim seasons. The brand has also integrated various sustainable high-performance textiles and eco-conscious textiles like organic cotton, linen, recycled cotton, and TENCEL® since its inception. However, the brand's 'Plant-Based' collection is perhaps the most intriguing because it eliminates fossil fuels from the raw material. It's made from castor beans!


Without any doubt, biosculpt is the best alternative to the chemical-based nylon fabrics with increased Lycra content for strategic support. All Vitamin A's materials are Oeko-Tex certified and comply with the international standard for safe textiles, ensuring that they are non-toxic to human health! Also, to minimize microfibers shed during washing, pop your bikinis in a Guppyfriend Washing Bag.

Vitamin A provides women with more than 20 years of expertise fitting ladies of all shapes and sizes. The fit is constantly being refined to be comfy, supportive, and empowering so that you can enjoy your suit for a long time. Since there are a few brands out there making swimwear out of Biosculpt fabric. So, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly swimsuit, be sure to keep an eye out for swimsuits made from Biosculpt fabric!

Overall, Biosculpt fabric is an amazing material that is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and good for your skin. If you're looking for an eco-friendly swimsuit, be sure to check out swimsuits made from Biosculpt fabric!


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