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At Swimwear Manufacturers, we have designed over 50 swimwear designs inhouse. Styles we feel are timeless and flattering for all sizes. So, what we will do is add new styles a few times a year. We will not remove any of the current styles we have developed in the future as we believe all of the styles, we have designed are timeless and will not go out of fashion. Private labelling means that we have created styles in various sizes which our customers can use as their own.

Our customers can choose from our catalogue which styles they want to go with, and we can make a sample of each style in their choice of fabric and colour. We have toiled and sampled each style already inhouse and then we have graded it from size XXS – XXL. So, our customers just need to do, is pick which sizes they want, and we can get it made for them. This makes it more affordable for customers that have a smaller budget to start off their brand but its also good if you are in a rush and want to launch in a smaller space of time. Private labelling isn’t only suitable for smaller brands, it’s great for larger brands too, those who want to mix custom designs with ready-made designs to bulk up their collections.


We have started off choosing designs that require minimal hardware, the reason for this, is adding hardware increases the raw cost of manufacturing the styles. We wanted to start off with designs that are simple and trendy. Where clasps would normally go, we have chosen to add ties. Not only does it mean hardware isn’t required but it also means your customer can adjust the garment to fit them better. They can tighten it or loosen it, to make it more comfortable, which we think is important. Comfort when wearing a swimsuit or bikini top or bottoms is key, especially if are at the beach for many hours. You want to wear swimwear that will be comfortable enough so you can wear it all day.

We have worked with hundreds of brands throughout the years, and we have learnt so much from a customer point of view, of what works and what doesn't. We have learnt more about what a consumer wants when they purchase a swimwear garment, what makes them want to purchase that item from a swimwear site and being able to adjust your bikini top or swimsuit is one of the top factors. This doesn’t mean we do not have styles that haven’t got clasps coming up, because we are also designing styles that will have clasps, but we will be designing styles that do this in a smart way. This is one of the things that sets us apart from other swimwear manufacturers around the world. We have really invested in developing the styles, to not only make it fit right but to also make it comfortable. We have been developing our private labelling range for a while now because it does take time to develop them correctly and perfect the fit.


Private labelling can save you on average £360 per style on development cost. Which is an overall saving of £2,160 on a small collection of 6 styles. We have worked this out based on pattern, toile, sample and 5 size grades per style. This saving is great for small brands because you can use the £2,160 towards ordering more units per style or maybe having a larger collection instead, a few extra styles.

Swimwear finishings we have chosen in our private labelling collection is mostly 'bagged out', this is our favourite swimwear finish. Its a clean and neat finish but also very strong. There isn't any visible stitchings when you look at the swimwear because its all inside of the lining and outer fabric. This is great because it minimises the threads getting snagged or pulled when wearing it. Bagged out will be the standard finish on all of our swimwear designs unless impossible on certain designs, then it will have overstitch instead.


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